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WebGL2 3D Terrain Demo

This demo shows off some of the capabilities of WebGL. Use WASD and your mouse to navigate around the island while admiring the water. Performs best with a dedicated graphics card. Launch App

Battleship Online

Play the classic Battleship board game online against a friend or a bot on a 6x6 or 10x10 grid. Launch App


InrizCalc: Your Ultimate Math Assistant: solve complex math expressions with ease, generate expressions from natural language input, output updates as you type for instant results. Launch App

Inriz Assistant

Inriz Assistant is a free powerful assistant that can be accessed from your browser. It uses GPT-4 to generate responses to your questions. Launch App

2D Ball Physics

Drag the balls around using your mouse or touchscreen. The ball physics uses Verlet integration which gives better accuracy and makes the simulation a lot more stable. Spatial hashing is used to increase performance. Launch App

NCES Utility Online

NCES Utility Online is a utility that can be accessed from your browser to encrypt, decrypt, and verify files. All sensitive data remains on your device. Coming Soon

2D Block Game Experiment

Explore a procedurally generated 2D world. Use WASD to move around, the right mouse button to place a block, and the left mouse button to remove a block. Press E to open your inventory. Launch App

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